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Our Health Services is provided by a Nurse Practitioner (NP) who serves the individual and collective needs of the Collège Boréal student community.

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At the Sudbury campus, health services are provided by a nurse practitioner (NP). Committed to promoting health and preventing diseases, this person aims to meet the needs of students and members of the Collège Boreal community in Sudbury, in addition to providing health promotion services and giving health advice to Boréal students outside of Sudbury.

Given this health professional’s broad scope of practice, the nurse practitioner can conduct complete physical examinations, order lab tests, ultrasounds and x-rays, and prescribe drugs. When appropriate, they will consult a doctor, another other healthcare professional or a community organization, and direct patients to these services.

The nurse practitioner provides services in several areas of health:
  • minor episodic illnesses (e.g., a respiratory infection);
  • sexual health (contraception, the sale of contraceptive products at discounted prices, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, Pap tests);
  • mental health (counselling, follow-up and referral);
  • chronic diseases (counselling, follow-up and referral);
  • preventive health services (comprehensive examinations, screening, immunization); and
  • health promotion (support groups, action groups, workshops, health fair).


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