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Statement of Commitment for Collège Boréal's EDI

We renew and strengthen our commitment to remain open to new and different perspectives and to undertake the necessary actions and changes to promote a culture of inclusion, accessibility, and accountability for everyone regarding human rights. Our Strategic Plan attests to this commitment in multiple areas. It is reflected in our values (humanism, integrity, and respect), in our mission, as well as in the structuring elements, strategic approach and overall objectives – especially: “The organizational culture promotes a healthy and respectful environment.”

We acknowledge the existence of systemic racism and the discrimination that persists in our society and could manifest itself within our institution. We also recognize the presence of obstacles to success faced by some underrepresented groups related, among others, to colour, language, citizenship, race, ethnic origin, place of origin, belief, gender, sexual orientation, physical or intellectual ability, age, family or marital status, or financial status.

We expect all our employees and partners to share our values and to actively contribute to this positive societal transformation where commitment to diversity and inclusion is not only an institutional responsibility but also an individual one.

We want to do better. Collège Boréal is currently implementing various strategies and initiatives to continue its institutional progress and support our family members in their personal journeys.

Good to Know

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

Collège Boréal is an affiliated employer of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI), which gives us access to a number of resources to help us in our journey towards diversity and inclusion. Please note that you need to be connected to the platform to access these resources.

  • Monthly Newsletter of the CCDI – Diversity Ink. The CCDI’s monthly newsletter provides information on CCDI events and research, as well as other relevant news in the field of diversity and inclusion in Canada. To subscribe, click here and enter your details. You can also view previous issues of Diversity Ink here.
  • CCDI Competence Centre. As part of the “members-only” portal on its website, the CCDI has an electronic library with over 1,000 documents including research, reports, toolkits, and news related to diversity and inclusion in Canada and internationally, which are indexed and searchable with multiple parameters (e.g., by keyword or by theme). This electronic library is a permanent resource and is continually expanded. If you wish to access the Competence Centre, you can register here.
  • CCDI Monthly Webinars. The CCDI offers free educational webinars for all of our employees. Registration is currently open for the 2022 calendar year. Click here to view the list of topics and dates or their 2022 webinar calendar. Previously recorded webinars can be viewed through the Competence Centre.
  • Multicultural Calendar. The 2022 Multicultural Calendar is also available to us.

Access Request Link to the CCDI Competence Centre Registration Form.

Collège Boréal is now a Service Delivery Pole

The 50-30 Challenge

Collège Boréal has been selected as a hub for Colleges and Institutes Canada’s (CICan) 50 – 30 Challenge. This initiative is a collaboration between the Government of Canada, Canadian businesses, and diversity organizations to encourage participants to increase the representation of diverse groups in their workplaces. Our team is located at our Toronto, Windsor and Sudbury campuses.

The 50-30 Challenge invites organizations to set two goals for the composition of their boards of directors or senior management teams: first, to achieve a 50% representation of women or non-binary people, and second, to achieve a 30% proportion of members from other equity-deserving groups, such as people who are Indigenous, racialized, disabled, or members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Nearly 2,000 Canadian businesses and organizations have signed up for the 50-30 Challenge. The Collège Boréal team will be a central resource and guide for participants, providing training, webinars, mentoring, and coaching to organizations seeking to advance the 50 – 30 Challenge goals. In addition, the College plans to offer workshops, outreach events and other educational initiatives free of charge to equip organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to diversify their teams. All registered participants in the 50 – 30 Challenge will have access to these services and events.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

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