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Collège Boréal is a public college of applied arts and technology established in Sudbury in 1995.

The Collège has a dual mandate: to be both a post-secondary college institution and a vital community development organization. Boréal operates 37 sites including 8 campuses in 27 Ontario communities. As an innovative educational, cultural and community hub that serves Ontario’s francophone population, Collège Boréal’s goal is to produce a highly skilled bilingual workforce that is engaged in French-speaking communities and contributes to the economic, social and cultural vitality of the province and the country. To this end, it offers more than 70 post-secondary education and apprenticeship programs, including over 30 unique French-language programs in Ontario, as well as a range of other services, including continuing education, corporate training, employment services, academic upgrading, literacy and basic skills training, language training services and settlement services for newcomers.

Boréal in brief

Nurture knowledge and make culture vibrate


Collège Boréal offers quality training and services to a diverse clientele. At the heart of the communities it serves, it promotes the vitality and the sustainable development of Ontario’s Francophone communities through its leadership.


Visible and recognized, Collège Boréal adds value to communities with its quality training and personalized services.

Values - What drives us every day



Collège Boréal takes part and contributes positively to the communities it serves. As a transmitter of knowledge, it not only disseminates knowledge, but also puts it to use. As a Canadian and Ontario French-language institution, it values and transmits the French language and its cultures. The staff and students of the Collège participate actively in their communities on a personal and professional level. The Collège is a vehicle for the development of individuals and communities because of its contribution, either as a leader or as a participant.



Collège Boréal strives for excellence through the optimal use of its human, financial and material resources. Through strategic thinking and practical solutions, we increase the efficiency of our performance. Priority management, regular evaluation and relevance contribute to the continuous improvement of programs and services.



Collège Boréal encourages the recognition of individuals and the development of their personality with respect and dignity. Personal talents, skills and differences are not only a source of pride, but also a catalyst for collective strength. Interactions at the college are based on human solidarity and altruism. Work is an opportunity for personal and global growth in a healthy environment.



Collège Boréal values and encourages honesty and openness in its internal actions, which means toward its staff and its clientele, as well as in its relations with the entire community. The authority and resources granted to individuals and structures within the Collège are used wisely and responsibly, within a culture of systemic accountability. The Collège rigorously safeguards personal information and respects the confidentiality of its data in the human and financial resource management process.



At Collège Boréal, consideration for others is fundamental. Being open-minded, welcoming and supportive allow each person to behave responsibly and honestly, while being particularly attentive to the situation and mindful of the specific needs of others. The Collège fosters open communication in an environment that promotes the integrity of each other’s values.




Ontario communities


Postsecondary education and apprenticeship programs


Unique programs in French-speaking Ontario

Outstanding results

Ranked first among the 24 colleges in Ontario in several categories, Collège Boréal has distinguished itself for many years in the performance indicators published by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities. Asserting itself as an institutional model, Boréal is an ambassador for the province of Ontario and a key player on the Franco-Ontarian scene.

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