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Collège Boréal Celebrates Staff Excellence

13 June 2024
  • Ontario
This province-wide event at Collège Boréal’s 37 sites (including eight campuses) was an opportunity to recognize its staff for their outstanding achievements in French-language post-secondary education.

Nearly 1,300 employees from across the province were invited today to celebrate this year’s achievements, excellence in various staff categories, years of service, and retirements. During the event, the College’s senior management and the directors of its sites and campuses presented their achievements and outlook for the upcoming year.

Collège Boréal Award of Excellence

Support Staff: Chad Pharand

A member of Collège Boréal’s Computer Services Centre, Chad Pharand is an expert in communications tools. His work and commitment were instrumental in implementing Boréal’s national mandate from Colleges and Institutes Canada to serve as a hub for the 50-30 Challenge, which aims to increase the representation of diverse groups in Canadian businesses.

Teaching Staff: Emilie Lacroix

A professor and coordinator in Boréal’s Fitness and Health Promotion program, Emilie Lacroix is recognized for her commitment to creating a dynamic and stimulating learning environment. Her dedication to health and solidarity is reflected, among other things, in the “Run to Remember” event she organizes every year with her students, the proceeds of which are donated to humanitarian organizations.

Administrative Staff: Liane Romain

As the Director of Collège Boréal’s Centre for Leadership and Academic Innovation, Liane Romain plays a key role in ensuring the quality of programming and teaching at our institution while prioritizing the growth and development of her teams. Under her leadership, Boréal has set up several services in a new microsite and is developing bachelor’s degree programs to increase access to post-secondary studies in French.

Temporary and Regular Part-Time Staff: Olivia Baudet and Rommel Legagneur

Since her studies as an international student in the Fish and Wildlife Management Technology program at Collège Boréal, Olivia Baudet has distinguished herself at the Applied Research Centre for Biodiversity, and as a project manager for Research & Innovation at Boréal. Her dual role has positioned her at the heart of several research projects, making significant contributions to their success and garnering the respect and trust of our partners.

Rommel Legagneur’s in-depth knowledge of essential skills is a key asset for Collège Boréal’s Adult Upgrading Centre. As coordinator of the Academic Career Access (ACE) and Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs at the Nipissing campus, his 32 years of experience teaching French and math is a testament to his deep commitment to education.

Years of Service Recognition

Each year, Collège Boréal celebrates the seniority of its staff members in five-year increments. The following employees achieved service milestones between September 1, 2023, and August 31, 2024:

5 Years of Service

  • Catherine Boivin-Girard
  • Josée Campeau-Rousselle
  • Vanessa Hajdukiewicz
  • Judith Kambanda
  • Lissa Kendziora
  • Sylvain Lamontagne
  • Alain Larabie
  • Ginnette Leclair
  • Mélanie Lelièvre
  • Michelle Portelance
  • Amanda Silvestri
  • Dajena Kumbaro
  • Gilles Marchildon
  • Catherine Guthrie
  • Solveig Isabel-Doyon
  • Gladys Isimbi
  • Anaise Muzima
  • Samar EI Kasas
  • Marie-Josée Tremblay

10 Years of Service

  • Ginette Brunet
  • Linda Crawford
  • Eric Dupuis
  • Cindy Faulkner
  • Sonia Goncalves
  • Marie-Claude Mallet
  • Daniel Moncion
  • Céline Saday Yahya
  • Roxanne Santos
  • Marwa Ahmed
  • Mirvat Yaghi-Nader
  • Mylène Feytout-Eward
Nipissing Ouest
  • Carrie-Lynn Beaucage
  • Cassie Vien
Elliott Lake
  • Autumn Maguire

15 Years of Service

  • Christine MacIsaac
  • Patrick Paquin
  • Brigitte Ruest
  • Speciose Mukakamanzi
  • Mary Jane Venpin

20 Years of Service

  • Carole Fortier
  • Nicole Gervais
  • Roger Larose
  • Tammy LeClair
  • Nathalie Noël
  • Chantal Proulx
  • Danny Richard
  • Carole Brière-Lavallée
  • Paula Girardi-Monteiro
  • Blaise Nego Buata

25 Years of Service

  • Helen Lamontagne
  • Jeanette Plante Bouffard


As they head into a well-deserved retirement, Collège Boréal wishes to express its gratitude to Carole Alain, Adèle Bordeleau, Hélène Côté, Francine Gagnon, Julie Levac-Rancourt, Denise Perras, Donald Perreault, Monique Rainville, Lise Ross-Lalande, Francine Ross-Noel, Donald Thibert, Marc Trottier, Nicole Veilleux, and Veldret Leonard-Jetté for their years of loyal service.

Being able to rely on the expertise and dedication of highly qualified and deeply motivated staff is not only a significant advantage when leading an institution like Collège Boréal, but also crucial in fully achieving its objectives and fulfilling its mission for the benefit of Ontario’s Francophone communities. Today, I would like to express my gratitude to Boréal’s employees for their skills and commitment, which, now more than ever, give meaning to our motto: “Nurturing knowledge and invigorating culture.
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