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Bridge training program for Francophone professionals trained abroad.
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Objectives and Skills

The Supply Chain Management Bridge Training Program is intended for Francophones and Francophiles individuals who have recently arrived in Canada and work in the supply chain sector.

This program will enable you to:

  • Prepare for professional certification in planning and inventory management (CPIM)
  • Develop communication skills in English
  • Learn about Canadian culture in a professional context
  • Cultivate your professional network
  • Gain work experience in Canada through an internship

Admission Requirements

  • Be a permanent resident, protected person or Convention refugee
  • Live in Ontario
  • Have a post-secondary or university degree outside of Canada
  • Have acquired a minimum of two years of related professional experience abroad
  • Since arriving in Canada, must have never worked in this sector, or have been underemployed in this sector
  • Have a minimum level of NCLC 7 in French and 5 in English (for Francophones), or 7 in English and 5 in French (for Anglophones)
  • Must want to work in a field related to the supply chain

Working in Ontario

Through the transfer of knowledge, skills, and experience in their field of training, graduates of this program will become ideal candidates for bilingual middle management positions in supply chain management and will be better prepared to obtain the APICS certification in planning and inventory management (CPIM).


The program is fully subsidized by the Government of Canada


  • FRC 1000 CPIM 1 Exam Preparation – Basics of Supply Chain*
  • FRC 1001 CPIM 2 Exam Preparation – Strategic Management of Resources*
  • FRC 1002 Supply Chain and Logistics Software*
  • FRC 1003 Microsoft Excel Program Training
  • FRC 1004 CPIM Exam Practice
  • FRG 1000 Cultural Competency Training
  • FRG 1004 Business Internship
  • FRG 1007 Workplace Culture and Communication*
  • FRG 1010 Career Success*
  • FRG 1011 Canadian Supply Chain Industry*
  • FRG 1013 English Language Training*
  • FRS 1005 Bilingual Customer Service in Supply Chain

(*These courses are taught in English)

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