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Before your First Day

Welcome to Collège Boréal! We look forward to having you with us. To help you better prepare for the first semester, we would like to give you a few reminders. This list does not apply to students in apprenticeship or continuing education programs. On your mark. Get ready. Go!

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Start off on the right foot!

Have you confirmed your chosen program?

This is an important step in the registration process, so don’t delay in booking your spot. See the Admission and Registration Process section under Admissions Office and Registrar for more information.

Are your contact details up-to-date?

Collège Boréal will contact you before the start of the semester. To get important news and not miss key dates, be sure to update your phone number, home address and email address. See the Admissions Office and Registrar web page under Students and Alumni for more information.

Have you read the Guide Boréal?

The Boréal student guide is a very important official document that will tell you about the different directives and procedures to follow with regard to your student record, your rights and your responsibilities as a student. Your first responsibility is to familiarize yourself with this guide and to refer to it as needed throughout your time at Collège Boréal.

Have you explored MonBoréal and the Student Portal?

MonBoréal is the Collège’s intranet site. Here you will find newsletters and important links. The Student Portal gives you access to various services and sources of information relating to your school record. Follow these steps to start exploring!

  • Access the MyBoréal intranet.
  • Enter your student number as the username in the relevant field. Your student number is indicated in your acceptance letter or on your identity card. If you are having problems with your student number, contact the Admissions Office and Registrar at 1-800-361-6673, ext. 2170, or by email at registrariat@collegeboreal.ca.
  • When you first visit the MyBoréal portal, your password will be your date of birth. Enter it in this format: DDMMYYYY. You will need to change your password when you first access the portal.
  • Click “Login”.
  • Follow the steps to change your password.
  • Once in MyBoréal, click on “Student Portal”.

For technical assistance, contact the IT Service Centre by email at services : services.informatiques@collegeboreal.ca.

Have you explored your financial aid options and submitted the necessary applications, if applicable?

See the Financial Aid section under the Admissions Office and Registrar.

Have you paid your tuition?

See the Tuition and Other Fees section and the Billing and Payments section.

Have you filled out and returned the forms required for your student record?

See the Student Forms section under the Admissions Office and Registrar.

Did you find a place to live?

If you need housing during your studies, see the Student Housing section under Future Students.

Have you registered for your placement assessments?

First-year students are required to take one or two placement assessments before the first semester. See the Placement Assessments section under Future Students for more information and to register as soon as possible.

Do you have the technological tools required for your program?

See the Technological Requirements section under Future Students to better equip yourself and get the essential technologies required.

Did you purchase the books and equipment required for your program?

Visit the COOP Boréal website.

Have you explored the services and college life activities?

We care about your well-being and success! Which is why Collège Boréal offers a variety of services and actives for a rewarding college experience. See the College Life section and the Services section for more information.

Do you need a parking pass (Sudbury campus)?

Explore your options on the Sudbury Campus web page.

Do you need a locker (Sudbury campus)?

Discuss this with the Registrar staff as soon as you arrive on campus!

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