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Two free Early Childhood pre-apprenticeship programs offered by Collège Boréal

5 June 2023
  • London
  • Nipissing
  • Sudbury
  • Toronto


Want to work in a high-demand sector? If so, the field of early childhood is for you! Collège Boréal offers two free pre-apprenticeship programs in early childhood: Educational Assistant (Aide-enseignant/aide-enseignante, in Sudbury-Nipissing and Toronto-Mississauga) and Child Development Practitioner (Praticien/praticienne du développement de l’enfant, in London).

Pre-apprenticeship programs allow individuals with limited trade knowledge to take training and work placements to prepare them for entry into an apprenticeship. In contrast, a traditional apprenticeship program requires individuals to find a job with a sponsoring employer before taking courses in the classroom while continuing to work.

The Educational Assistant pre-apprenticeship program is available online for the Greater TorontoSudbury and Northern regions. This 37-week course provides the skills required to achieve Level 1 in this area. In addition, several other certifications are offered through this program, including CPR First Aid, self-esteem and job preparation. At the end of the training, students complete an eight-week placement at a school. The child-care sector in the Toronto and Sudbury areas is experiencing high demand for skilled workers. Register now for this free program starting June 26, 2023.

The Child Development Practitioner pre-apprenticeship program is offered online for the London area. This 36-week program offers quality training by early childhood specialists. Classroom training provides the necessary skills to complete most Level 1 courses in this area. In addition to the courses, the program includes three work placements to increase knowledge and gain hands-on, meaningful work experience in the job market.

These free programs start July 3, 2023. To register, please email TonMetier@collegeboreal.ca.


* Please note these programs are offered in French only.

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