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Toronto’s Francophonie Week will take place from March 20 to 27!

26 January 2022
Again this year, Toronto’s Semaine de la francophonie (Francophonie Week) will be presented in a virtual format. As in past years, the event’s 21st anniversary edition will benefit from the support of many partners to showcase the vibrancy of Toronto’s Francophone community throughout the city.

Organizers of La Semaine de la francophonie invite all members of Toronto’s French-speaking community to get involved in continuing the event’s tradition of success. Organizers of activities are asked to please contact Francophonie Week organizers by email at: Oksana.Mykhailenko@collegeboreal.ca.

All events organised as part of the week’s programming will be posted on the Francophonie Week website at www.semainedelafrancophonietoronto.com. Please note that the traditional opening cocktail reception and family day events will not be held this year.

The organizing committee would also like to announce that the 22nd edition in 2023 of la Semaine de la francophonie will be coordinated by l’Université de l’Ontario français (UOF). Collège Boréal, which has headed the organizing committee since 2018, will pass the torch to l’UOF following this year’s edition.

For information about programming for the 2022 edition of Toronto’s Francophonie Week, please visit our website regularly at semainedelafrancophonietoronto.com.

Members of the organizing committee

  • Collège Boréal (coordinator)
  • Bureau du Québec à Toronto
  • Ontario Ministry of Francophone Affairs
  • Théâtre français de Toronto
  • Centre francophone du Grand Toronto
  • Francophonie en Fête
  • York University, Glendon Campus
  • Alliance Française de Toronto
  • ACFO Toronto
  • Oasis Centre des Femmes
  • Toronto French School
  • Le MOFIF
Francophonie Week has been a key event in Toronto’s social calendar for over 21 years. Our week-long program of activities gives us not only an opportunity to celebrate the French language and culture that bring us all together, but also to claim our space in Toronto’s wide cultural mosaic. I wish to thank all of the members of the organizing committee who continue to ensure the success of this event year after year. Collège Boréal will continue to be an enthusiastic partner in the committee under the leadership of the UOF.
L’Université de l’Ontario français is pleased to join the organizing committee of the Semaine de la francophonie de Toronto as coordinator of the event. Over the years, several organizations have taken turns leading this group of partners committed to promoting Toronto's Francophonie. It is therefore a great honour for us to take over and join this tradition that is well established in our communities.

Quick facts on La Francophonie, the international Francosphere

  • French is the fifth language most spoken throughout the world: 300 million people in 102 countries (up by approximately 10% since 2014) speak French. By 2065, that number is expected to rise to 700 million;
  • French is an official language in 32 States and governments.
  • Ontario has approximately 744,000 Francophones and 1.5 million residents who speak some French, for a total of 11.5% of the province’s total population. Ontario has the largest number of Francophones in Canada outside of Quebec.

About the event

Le Mois de la Francophonie (Francophonie Month) is an annual cultural event celebrated in many countries and many Canadian provinces and cities, with the support of the Organization internationale de la Francophonie, to coincide with March 20, International Francophonie Day.

Toronto’s Francophonie Week began in its current form in 2001. Annually, a steering committee grouping local Francophone institutions invites the community to develop a series of cultural, artistic, literary and scientific events in the spirit of celebrating and sharing the city’s Francophone dimension in all of its forms and all of its diversity.

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