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Thousands of dollars worth of bursaries for Northern campuses!

4 June 2021
As part of its 25th annual awards, the Collège Boréal Foundation is proud to announce that 66 bursaries totaling more than $29,000 have been distributed to graduates of our campuses in Hearst, Kapuskasing, Timmins and West Nipissing. Thanks to the generosity of many important partners, Collège Boréal presented these awards at various events held virtually from May 31 to June 7, 2021.
Since the founding of Collège Boréal in 1997, more than 12 million dollars have been distributed to students from communities across the province and even internationally. Just this year, we are awarding 1065 bursaries for a total of over $850,000.

The mission of the Boréal Foundation and the Development Office is to facilitate access to higher education by providing resources to ensure that every student experiences rich and rewarding post-secondary studies and particularly by:

  • Ensuring that no student is denied high quality education due to lack of money;
  • Recognizing the academic achievements and personal accomplishments of students through awards of excellence in all sectors;
  • Providing the College with appropriate teaching materials;
  • Maximizing revenues by inspiring and fostering a culture of philanthropy.
On behalf of all of our staff at the Kapuskasing campus, I wish to congratulate our graduates for their perseverance and for overcoming the challenges of the past year with firm resolve. Thank you for giving us your confidence and for deciding to pursue your education in our institution… in your institution. We wish you success in all your future endeavours. Our partners have always been firmly committed to the success of many initiatives on the Kapuskasing campus and I am deeply grateful for their generosity towards our students. On behalf of the entire Boréal team, I thank you all.
If our students are able to celebrate their successes tonight, it is thanks to your generous donations and your commitment to Collège Boréal. On behalf of all of our students and staff, please be assured that your contributions are greatly appreciated. We thank you for your continued confidence in our graduates.
Collège Boréal’s Nipissing campus is fortunate to have excellent partners who support our graduates, particularly in these times of uncertainty due to the pandemic. We thank you wholeheartedly for your generosity and confidence towards our graduates year after year. Congratulations to all of our award recipients for their success and excellence. You have made us proud.

This year, more than ever, our graduates need to celebrate. Despite a challenging year marked by the pandemic, they persevered and obtained their diploma. It is because of our partners that we are able to continue to provide financial support to our students year after year and for that, we are extremely grateful. We owe to our partners the success of this celebration of our students’ achievements!

Bursary recipients and partners honoured at 2020-2021 awards celebrations

May 31st event in Hearst: 11 bursaries totaling $2700 were awarded

  • Agathe Brisson, Business Fundamentals: Baker Tilly Award
  • Bianka Carrier-Lavoie, Social Services Worker: Hearst Auto Parts and Town of Hearst Awards
  • Chantal Demeules, Office Administration: La Maison Verte / Association Parmi-Elles Award
  • Geneviève Goulet, Social Services Worker: F. Girard Construction, Futur Électronique and Université de Hearst Awards
  • Macha Plamondon, Social Services Worker: Vince Auto Repair Award
  • Tyler Kendall, General Arts and Science: Conseil des Arts de Hearst and Expert Chevrolet Buick GMC Awards
  • Vicky Martel, Office Administration ‑ General: Caisse Alliance de Hearst Award

June 1st event in Kapuskasing: 15 bursaries totaling $8500 were awarded

  • Trevor Blanchette, Social Services Worker: Gisèle Chrétien Award of Excellence and Knowles Building Center Award
  • Cassie Deslauriers, Personal Support Worker: Eastview Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd Award
  • Jesyann Vienneau, Personal Support Worker: Caisse Alliance Award
  • Kari-Anne Gaulin, Business: Town of Kapuskasing Award
  • Hisha Ramdhony, Business: Baker Tilly Award
  • Renelle Fortier, Social Services Worker: Université de Hearst and Conseil scolaire catholique des Grandes Rivières Awards
  • Ryley Casonato, General Arts and Science: Conseil scolaire publique du Nord-est de l’Ontario Award
  • Amilia Boucher, General Arts and Science: Filles d’Isabelle Award
  • Katelin Kozlovich, Social Services Worker: Lecours Motor Sales Award
  • Kaylee Marceau, Social Services Worker: Centre Régional de Loisirs Culturel Inc. Award
  • Kelly-Ann Barr, Social Services Worker: OK Tire Award
  • Nathaniel Hettinger, Personal Support Worker: P&J Gelinas Service Master Award
  • Roxanne Pelchat, Business: North Claybelt Award
  • Tiffany Tremblay, Personal Support Worker: North Star Award

June 2 event in Timmins: 24 bursaries totaling $11,650 were awarded.

  • Adam Fortier, Heavy Equipment Technician: Timmins Chamber of Commerce and Glencore Kidd Operations Awards
  • Andrew Guidolin, Motive Power Technician ‑ Truck and Coach: Tisdale Bus Line Award
  • Caralee Calhoum, Personal Support Worker: Extendicare Award
  • Danica Rhéaume, Practical Nursing: Extendicare Award 
  • Hisham Desrosiers Bouvier, Heavy Equipment Technician: Glencore Kidd Operations Award
  • Jacob Séguin, Heavy Equipment Technician: Newmount Gold and Action Refrigeration Awards
  • Janelle Éthier, Practical Nursing: Les Perles du Nord Award
  • Roch Poitras, Social Services Worker: Université de Hearst Award
  • Shanya Archer, Social Services Worker: Conseil scolaire publique du Nord-Est de l’Ontario and Reliable Cleaning Services Awards
  • Isabelle Chartier, Social Services Worker: Centre culturel La Ronde Award
  • Adelaine Wright, Practical Nursing: Timmins SGA Award
  • Annick Mainville, Practical Nursing: SGA and  Filles d’Isabelle, Cercle Mère Teresa #1353 Award
  • Cynthia Vien, Motive Power Technician – Truck and Coach: Conseil scolaire catholique des Grandes Rivières and Glencore Kidd Operations Awards
  • Deny-Lyn Nault, Practical Nursing: City of Timmins Awards
  • Isabelle Chartier, Social Services Worker: Filles d’Isabelle, Cercle Mère Teresa #1353 Award 
  • Mackenzie Bélanger, Administration des affaires, comptabilité : Caisse populaire de Timmins Award
  • McKenzie Walker, Social Services Worker: Northeastern Ontario Family and Children’s Services Award
  • Serge Scalabrini, Heavy Equipment Technician : Alliance de la Francophonie Award
  • Sonia Howell, Personal Support Worker: Timmins Knights of Columbus Award
  • Angèle Cyr, Social Services Worker: Bourse du Club Richelieu Award

June 7 event in West Nipissing: 16 bursaries totaling $6350 were awarded.

  • Charles Le Trinh, Office Administration – General : Jean Watters Award of Excellence
  • Angèle St-Georges, Social Services Worker: West Nipissing Child Care Corporation Award
  • Annik Godin, Personal Support Worker: Tim Hortons Award
  • Charles Le Trinh, Office Administration – General : Leisure Farms Award
  • Josée St-Jean, Social Services Worker: Tim Hortons Award
  • Julie Labrosse Landry, Personal Support Worker: West Nipissing Community Living Award
  • Kelsey Pearce, PreHealth Sciences – leading to certificates and diplomas: Pharmacie Aubin Award
  • Michèle Diane Doucette, Social Services Worker: West Nipissing Community Living Award
  • Ramika Rivet, Early Childhood Education: Economic Partners Sudbury East / Nipissing West and Compagnons des francs loisirs Awards
  • Céline Martineau, Office Administration: Municipality of West Nipissing Award
  • Jayssie Mayer, Personal Support Worker: Verner Knights of Columbus Award
  • Josée Micheline Leblanc, Personal Support Worker: Caisse Alliance Award
  • Julie Hélène Potvin, Office Administration: Canadian Tire Award
  • Éric Lafrance, Personal Support Worker: West Nipissing General Hospital Award
  • Éric Trottier, Personal Support Worker: West Nipissing General Hospital Award
  • Mathieu Marleau, Personal Support Worker: West Nipissing General Hospital Award
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