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New health partnership between Collège Boréal, Sensenbrenner Hospital, and Kapuskasing Local Education Group

9 February 2023
  • Kapuskasing
Thanks in part to state-of-the-art equipment, this agreement will provide new training opportunities for students and health professionals in the Kapuskasing region.

An agreement to provide enhanced clinical and training experiences was signed today by Collège Boréal, Sensenbrenner Hospital, and the Kapuskasing Local Education Group. This agreement aims to support the education of local and regional students and the professional development of doctors, hospital staff, and other health professionals.

This new Community Health Hub will facilitate workshops, recruitment events, continuing medical education and other activities by increasing access to the simulation laboratory at Collège Boréal’s Kapuskasing campus. Northern Ontario School of Medicine students, as well as students from local school boards and community members, will be able to benefit from a new advanced pre-hospital care (CPR) mannequin and the expertise of experienced instructors.

Collège Boréal is pleased to contribute its programs, facilities, and equipment to helping address the labour shortage affecting the health sector, particularly in the northern part of the province. This unifying project is already consolidating the synergy between the sector’s key stakeholders and finding innovative solutions to help attract, recruit, and retain the medical professionals our regions need.
The use of the simulation lab at our Kapuskasing campus is an important asset for our new Community Health Hub. With the equipment we provide to our partners and our respective expertise, we are already planning to create mentoring programs, develop research projects, and set up activities to promote health careers that will benefit our entire community in the short term.
Sensenbrenner Hospital is pleased to partner with the Community Health Hub, which optimizes the use of local resources that directly affect the well-being and quality of life of the entire population. Not only will our hospital staff benefit from this collaboration by improving their skills in Collège Boréal’s facilities, but we will also be able to contribute more to the outreach efforts needed to attract future healthcare professionals.
Providing an integrated educational pathway that can take advantage of all available resources is particularly beneficial in the health field. As such, our new Community Health Hub is a comprehensive initiative that informs students throughout the continuum of education about the opportunities available through study in this field and encourages them to develop their skills well into their careers.

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