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Major contribution of $500,000 for innovation and entrepreneurship

12 September 2022
Collège Boréal is pleased to announce a significant financial contribution from the Desjardins GoodSpark Fund toward the creation of a space for innovation, research, and incubation (EIRI: Espace d’innovation, de recherche et d’incubation) at the Collège’s new Toronto campus in the Distillery District.

EIRI will provide French-speaking creators and entrepreneurs in Toronto with the support, expertise, and environment needed to succeed in their projects. Training, workshops, and support to learn the basics of accounting and human resources or the legal aspects of starting a business are among the services that will be available to the future generation of Francophone entrepreneurs.

A Space for Everyone

Desjardins Group and Collège Boréal share common and complementary values. EIRI brings together many of these values, including excellence, accessibility to education, inclusion, and development. For this reason, all of EIRI’s services will be free of charge, focusing on the needs of communities and students, and promoting a strong, dynamic and unifying entrepreneurial culture. Young entrepreneurs will receive particular attention, including support at various stages of project development, from design to grant seeking and coaching.

Long-Standing Partners

The ties between Desjardins Group and Collège Boréal go back a long way. Over the years, Desjardins has contributed more than $600,000 to various Boréal projects and initiatives, demonstrating its commitment to Ontario’s Francophone community. Collège Boréal is proud to count many of its graduates among Desjardins teams across the province. This new commitment strengthens existing ties and will give new momentum to the Franco-Ontarian entrepreneurial community.

With this donation, Desjardins Group is making a new and clear commitment to the Francophone community in Ontario and reaffirming its confidence that Collège Boréal can train the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We do not take this show of confidence lightly: our desire to contribute to the vitality of the Franco-Ontarian economy and communities across the province is at the heart of our day-to-day decisions. We look forward to launching this dynamic, unifying, and creative space for the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Investing in innovative projects that support young aspiring entrepreneurs is part of our values at Desjardins. They are the key to building a strong and resilient economy and future. We are proud to be a part of Collège Boréal’s Espace d'innovation, de recherche et d'incubation and to play a role in providing Francophone entrepreneurs with accessible expertise and guidance as they begin their business journey.

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