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Collège Boréal will offer the very first program in Public Administration in French Ontario, in Ottawa!

23 November 2021
Collège Boréal is proud to announce that it will be offering a unique program in public administration come September 2022 in the National Capital Region.

Aimed at developing the management skills required in the public sphere, at the federal, provincial, territorial, municipal and government agency levels, this new program will train the next generation in a field and a region facing labour shortages.

This program will be added to Collège Boréal’s current offerings in Ottawa, to be delivered on its premises on Saint-Paul University’s campus. As with the Veterinary Care Technician program which has been offered in the National Capital Region for almost twenty years, this new public administration program will prove an attraction to students looking for a new offering that will help them develop core competencies that are highly sought by public organizations. During the event, the Government of Canada’s Taxpayers’ Ombudsman, Mr. François Boileau, reiterated the importance of preparing the next generation of public sector employees in Canada, citing the massive retirements expected in the public sector over the next few years and the new post-pandemic challenges to come.

I am happy that we will be offering a targeted program in a field with many job opportunities in the National Capital Region and elsewhere. This addition will strengthen our presence in this region where French-language postsecondary programming is imperative to our community’s growth. The Public Administration program meets a very real need for leadership and management in the public sphere.
It is not every day that a new French-language postsecondary program is being announced in Ontario! I would like to thank everyone who has worked toward the development of the Public Administration program. This new program will meet the needs of many public sector employers, including ministries, hospitals and municipalities who are struggling to recruit French-speaking and bilingual staff to offer services in French.

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