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Collège Boréal makes vaccination mandatory on all its campuses

16 August 2021
Collège Boréal will require full vaccination for anyone wishing to access its campuses and facilities across the province.

The Executive Committee made this decision following consultations with public health officials and its partners in the post-secondary field in Ontario. This directive is part of Collège Boréal’s and other post-secondary institutions’ commitment to support public health and government efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19.

This directive will be rolled out in two stages: starting September 7, 2021, anyone wishing to access Collège Boréal facilities and campuses must have received at least one dose of a Health Canada approved Covid-19 vaccine. The two doses – full vaccination- will be mandatory as of October 4, 2021. After this date, individuals who have not received the two doses of vaccine will be required to undergo increased health and safety measures, such as enhanced screening and regular Covid-19 testing to gain access to campuses and facilities.

Health measures maintained

The college will maintain all Covid-19 prevention health measures such as mandatory mask use on its campuses and in its facilities for the 2021-2022 academic year, as required by government and public health officials. Physical distancing, cleaning and disinfection protocols, and controlled access to campus buildings are among the measures that will remain in place throughout the academic year.

Vaccination clinics

In order to facilitate access and encourage vaccination, the college in partnership with the various public health offices throughout the province, will be promoting the various vaccination clinics underway in each of the regions served by Collège Boréal over the next few days. At the Sudbury campus, details regarding mobile vaccination clinics on campus will be communicated shortly to the Boréal community.

This decision was made for the well-being of our students and for the entire Boréal family. We believe it is important to contribute to the efforts of public health authorities and governments to promote vaccination. It is our duty to ensure the health and safety of all staff, students and the community as a whole.
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