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Collège Boréal in Windsor: An exceptional discount for an outstanding cohort!

31 May 2022
Collège Boréal's 2022 cohort had a lot to celebrate at the 27th graduation ceremony. Graduates were all smiles as they received their diplomas from President Daniel Giroux, who was visibly pleased to be able to hand them out in person. This was the first in-person ceremony in 2 years.

Windsor’s own recipient of the Governor General’s Academic Medal!

The Governor General’s Academic Medal, awarded to a full-time student who has achieved the highest grade point average in a two-year degree program, was presented this year to Gabriella Varagnolo, a graduate of the Child Care Education program in Windsor. Gabriella earned the highest grade of the 2022 cohort from any campus. She also won the School of Business and Community Services Academic Excellence Scholarship worth $1,000.

Nathalie Kalinga, a Social Work Techniques graduate was also recognized for her efforts. She was awarded the Gisèle-Chrétien Excellence Scholarship worth $2,000, given to a student who has overcome numerous obstacles or challenges.

A look back at two emotional years

The honour of representing the Windsor 2022 cohort went to Consolatrice Irakoze, a graduate of the Child Care Education program, a field she has long been passionate about. “I love seeing children learn about unfamiliar topics and master new skills,” she related. She reminded her colleagues of the importance of continuing to represent the values of the college well.

A unifying speech

The Windsor campus director also delivered an emotional speech during the ceremony. Frédéric Boulanger addressed the graduates, thanking them for having chosen the post-secondary institution, but especially thanking them for making Collège Boréal a true economic catalyst and an agent of change in the region. “Your journey demonstrates that education is at the heart of success, and for many of you, at the heart of successful integration. You are the ambassadors of a more inclusive community open to the world…a community that understands that the future belongs to those who embrace the diversity that Windsor has to offer,” he said to a full house of family and friends.

I am particularly proud and moved to be graduating a cohort that has overcome the enormous challenges of the pandemic over the past two years. The graduates of 2022 are, without question, the perseverance and talent of an entire generation. Their courage and ability to adapt to change will undoubtedly serve them well on the job market and in whatever path they choose to take.
Today, my greatest wish is that together, hand in hand in our daily lives, we continue the work begun within the walls of Collège Boréal. Let us all be agents of change, and offer the next generations a fertile ground for the realization of our wildest dreams.
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