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Better access for graduates of French-Language Colleges to Université de Hearst’s Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology

13 June 2023
  • Hearst
A new agreement will enable graduates of Collège Boréal and Collège La Cité to obtain a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration or specialization in psychology from Université de Hearst more quickly.

Today, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Collège Boréal and Université de Hearst to recognize 12 college diplomas towards earning a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration (3 years) or a specialization (4 years) in psychology from Université de Hearst. The signing comes a day after Collège La Cité and Université de Hearst representatives formalized this tripartite memorandum of understanding, bringing to 25 the number of additional college programs leading to bachelor’s degrees at Université de Hearst.

Equivalencies granted to candidates admitted to bachelor’s degrees at Université de Hearst:

With equivalencies ranging from 30* to 45** and up to 60*** university credits, the Collège Boréal programs affected by this agreement are:

  • Early Childhood Education***
  • Social Services Worker***
  • Child and Youth Care***
  • General Arts and Science Program*
  • Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant***
  • Funeral Director – Class 1**
  • Gerontology – Interdisciplinary
  • Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees *
  • Fitness and Health Promotion program**
  • Police Foundations**
  • Practical Nursing***
  • Paramedic**
Thanks to this memorandum of understanding, Collège Boréal and its partners are strengthening the ability for students to study in French and to optimize their academic journey at various levels. Ontario’s French-language college community is delighted with this new collaboration, which stimulates excellence, increases the flexibility of the post-secondary pathway, and facilitates the transition to French-language university education in our province.
Université de Hearst intends to fully play its part as a French-language institution by expanding access to its bachelor’s programs in psychology. Thanks to our college partners across Ontario, we are able to offer our services to francophone communities in the province and beyond.
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