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A new Social Entrepreneurship program to be offered in September 2022 at the Toronto campus!

2 December 2021
Collège Boréal is excited to announce that it will be offering a brand new program at its Toronto campus come September 2022.

The program’s dynamic curriculum will please anyone who is interested in the non-profit sector, the cooperative movement or the business world, and who is becoming increasingly aware of their growing social responsibility. It is a bold and rich new program that will touch upon community and social development, marketing, strategic planning, and the plural economy, and it will quickly become a must in Toronto.

This two-year college program in social entrepreneurship will prove attractive to students looking to develop their intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial skills, especially since it will be offered in partnership with Saint-Paul University. Once the students will have earned their college diploma, they will have the opportunity to continue their education at the university level on site, in Toronto, pursuing an Honours B.A. in Social Innovation. This partnership will allow the students more flexibility and will provide them with more opportunities, as it creates a bridge, known as the “2+2” model, that will save them time and money, and will allow them to complete their education on site, at Collège Boréal’s campus in Toronto.

The Social Entrepreneurship Program is the very first in an enhanced dynamic offering aimed at Torontonians starting in September 2022. Other programs will be added and announced in the upcoming months.

Improving our programming in the Greater Toronto Area is one of our goals, and I am happy to see that our efforts are paying off. It takes time and energy to create a new program, and I am proud of our dynamic team who works tirelessly to offer improved French-language postsecondary programs across the province. This is the first of many. Further announcements of bold and relevant programs will follow.
We are proud to work with Collège Boréal on this new initiative. By bringing these services to students where they live, we can better support the Francophone students in achieving their academic and professional goals.
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