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A new location in London for Collège Boréal

17 November 2022

Collège Boréal is getting a makeover in London. This morning, new premises were inaugurated at the Talbot Centre, in the heart of the city. Offering better visibility, the new site will allow Collège Boréal to ensure the continuity and development of its programs and services, which were previously provided at the City Plaza in London.

Reinforced learning conditions

This relocation puts fresh wind in Collège Boréal’s sails. It also benefits students and clients, who will get to learn in larger, brighter rooms equipped with state-of-the-art educational technology.

In addition to settlement services, Collège Boréal London offers:

  • Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) and other language courses;
  • bridge training;
  • employment services and programs (e.g., job search assistance);
  • continuing education and contract training services;
  • literacy and basic skills rraining; and
  • a pre-apprenticeship in Child Development Practitioner.

The people of London are cordially invited to come and see us in our new location. Who knows? You may discover a service that will help you better integrate into Canada, find the job that will make you happy, or simply finally learn that second official language that’s always seemed so elusive to you.

Collège Boréal's programs and services are an essential part of what we call the one-stop shop for services: when a person comes to us, we are able, depending on their profile and what they are looking for, to direct them to these programs and services for newcomers, or directly to our employment services, or to our post-secondary or continuing education. These new accessible, spacious and bright premises will allow us to better fulfill our mission.
Not only am I a member of Collège Boréal's senior management team, but I am also the former regional manager of the London site and a proud resident of the city. I am so excited about what the college has to offer our community want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, our funders for believing in us and the entire London team who work so hard to help us better serve Francophones and Francophiles in London and the region.

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