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Mining Potential

Mining Potential is a validated training program aimed at boosting employability in the mining sector for women, youth, and newcomers. Through a blend of classroom sessions and enrichment activities, participants gain essential skills, career awareness, and employment opportunities.

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Mining Potential is an industry-validated training program that focuses on essential and work readiness skills for women, youth, and newcomers. Through a blended learning approach, participants develop non-technical skills and gain increased confidence needed to secure rewarding employment in mining.

Mining Potential aims to address the industry’s labour market challenges and help mining companies meet their hiring needs by preparing underrepresented groups for employment. The program offers training in essential and work readiness skills through a blended learning approach, which includes two components:

  • Classroom training
  • Enrichment activities

Participants of the Mining Potential program can benefit from:

  • Increased awareness of career opportunities in the mining industry
  • Improved ability to demonstrate essential skills
  • Opportunities and skills for employment or further education
  • Highly customizable program to meet the unique needs of employers and regions
  • Improved partnership building and a larger workforce
  • Addressing diversity and hiring needs, as industry partners intend to hire graduates

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Mining Potential

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