Battery Electric Vehicle Training (Automotive)

The comprehensive Hybrid and Electric Vehicle course is tailored for Automotive Technicians and Apprentices seeking a deep understanding of these cutting-edge technologies. Through a blend of theoretical learning and practical application on live vehicles, participants will master High-Voltage safety, diagnostics, and repair techniques, equipped with a diverse array of specialized tools and a robust curriculum covering all critical systems.

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This course is designed for Automotive Technicians and Apprentices requiring in-depth knowledge of Hybrid and Electric vehicles. Students will learn High-Voltage safety, theory, operation, maintenance, diagnostics and repair of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles by participating in a combination classroom and hands-on class model. Using our fleet of Hybrid and Electric vehicles, students will apply classroom lessons by working with live vehicles and systems.

Students will use scan tools, lab scopes, meters, and specialty High-Voltage safety and diagnostic equipment to evaluate Hybrid and EV systems. Known-good components and systems are analyzed for all aspects of operation and collection of known-good data. Faulty systems are diagnosed and repaired using the latest service information and procedures.

Hybrid and EV-specific systems covered in class include batteries, inverters, DC-DC converters, transmissions, electric motors, gear reduction, steering, brakes, thermal management, air conditioning and plug-in charging.

Technicians and apprentices will complete our program with the knowledge and confidence to safely service, maintain, and diagnose Hybrid and Electric vehicles. This class is a prerequisite to our upcoming model-specific courses.

Student knowledge is confirmed throughout the program. Upon successful completion certificates are issued by Collège Boréal and The Auto Prof.

Battery electric vehicle training (automotive)

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