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Mining Essentials is a pre-employment training program for Aboriginal peoples who are interested in exploring their career options in mining. The program teaches both the essential skills and work readiness skills that the mining industry requires to be considered for an entry-level position. Mining Essentials provides a first step on a rewarding career path!

Mining Essentials teaches skills using industry examples, tools, documents and situations and traditional Aboriginal teaching methods and mediums. It is a 9 week training program that combines two components for an empowering learning experience:

1. Classroom training on essential and work readiness (non-technical) skills which industry has validated as necessary to be considered for entry-level hires

2. Enrichment activities that bring industry to life through site visits, hands-on activities, guest speakers, and/or certifications, etc. as defined by the training site and their partners

Program offered in French

Courses taught (on campus)


WHMIS is the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System. Recognized across Canada, this system aims to reduce the incidence of illness and injury resulting from the use of hazardous substances. Continuous intake – online

Course offered in French | English version- EDA1286 – WHMIS

Fall Protection (H&S)

The participant will learn when and how to use a fall arrest or restraint system; how to properly set up ladders, scaffolds and work platforms, how to properly adjust and wear a harness and determine
if fall arrest or restraint is needed.

Confined Spaces (H&S)

At the end of this course, the participant will understand the confined space legislation; the hazard assessment requirements, recognize a confined space; understand and apply the procedures and safe work practices in the confined space plan.

Secourisme général et RCR

A study of the principles of first-aid and situation management, namely artificial respiration. Course focusses on choking and hemorrhaging, loss of consciousness and fainting, fractures and injuries (head, eye, and spine), burns, poison, heart attacks and strokes, diabetes, epilepsy and convulsions. This course is mandatory for the granting of many certificates in the health field. The Level C cardiopulmonary resuscitation course (that includes resuscitation of babies and children) is part of courses required to obtain the Ontario CPR certification. Levels A and B are also available. Course is offered in French |English version EDA1285

Ontario Health and Safety Awareness

This course explains your rights and responsibilities as a Worker on the job in Ontario, and what the province’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires from workers, supervisors and employers.

Introduction à l'essentiel des mines

This course introduces students to basic mining concepts and health and safety in the mining environment, including various aspects of mining activities such as safety equipment, safe work practices, communication, basic maintenance procedures and basic operation of mining machinery.

Faire ce qui semble bon pour vous

This module presents key elements of a positive attitude in the workplace (e.g. be reliable, apply yourself to your tasks, concentration, dedication). It also discusses the benefits of a positive attitude, such as the ability to trust oneself when trying new things and to participate fully.

Faire ce qui semble bon pour les autres

This module emphasizes the importance of certain expected behaviours in the workplace, such as using appropriate language, arriving on time, showing courtesy, avoiding sexist or racist comments or jokes, alerting supervisors to problems, providing exact information and respecting confidentiality.

Le cercle du changement

This module explores helpful attitudes towards the unavoidable phenomenon of change. It’s best to face change with an open mind, to see it as a learning opportunity, to adapt to change, to accept new tasks (if it is safe to do so) and to look for solutions to problems.

Se soucier de la productivité

This module discusses personal practices that foster productivity, such as taking on new tasks on your own initiative, being able to work without constant supervision, asking questions to clarify expectations, having a proactive attitude when facing problems, being punctual, avoiding the use of drugs, etc. to be able to do good work, and informing an employer as soon as possible in case of absence from work due to sickness, injury, etc.

La sécurité d'abord

This course discusses safety and accident prevention measures with reference to current legislation and regulations. It allows students to become familiar with safety equipment in the mining environment, at home and elsewhere, in order to develop safe work practices. It also discusses the importance of environmental protection for the mining industry.

Le cercle de la communication

This course demonstrates the importance of communication in the mining industry. It allows the student to develop communication skills in order to communicate clear, detailed and precise messages efficiently.

Une afaire des chiffres

This course gives students the opportunity to learn and apply various techniques of good financial planning, including control and surveillance mechanisms. Through practical exercises, it provides an introduction to the basic elements of bookkeeping.

Gérer l'information

This course prepares the student to take part in information-related tasks in the workplace in an organized manner: identify the need, determine the research method, do the research, process the information and produce technical documents.

Capacité de raisonnement

This course discusses difficult questions and dilemmas that may arise in the course of professional and personal life. It helps the student define his or her values and establish a basis for decisions. By examining general problems in various fields of interest, participants study codes of ethics and apply analytical models to typical dilemmas.

Travail d'équipe

This course prepares the student to work efficiently with others to achieve performance goals in keeping with established standards, policies and methods.

Perspectives de carrière et formation continue

This course allows the student to discover and benefit from professional skills and tools which are useful in the workplace (works standards, establishing a personal network, self-evaluation, résumés, interviews, etc.). It also deals with communication, employability skills and the selection process, as well as professional training and self-improvement.

La violence et le harcelement au travail

This interactive course is an efficient way for you and your employees to stay up to date with training requirements regarding violence and harassment in the workplace, which are an important health and safety concern for all workplaces in Canada. Employers need to develop policies and train their employees to prevent or eliminate these risks and dangers.

Essentiel des mines

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