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The Bilingualism Certificate aims to help students attain an advanced and superior level of bilingualism in French and English, thus allowing them to work in both of Canada’s official languages. The participants will take part in a variety of exercises aiming to improve their skills in oral and written communication.

Certificat en bilinguisme

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Courses taught (on campus)

Grammaire anglaise I

This course covers all the essential elements of English grammar. These elements are indispensable for competent oral and written communication in this second language. The course is closely related to the reading and composition courses and includes various written and oral exercises in informal or formal contexts.

Communication orale I

In this course, students gradually acquire correct pronunciation and basic vocabulary as they become more familiar with the idiomatic nature and informal style of English spoken in Canada and North America. Vocabulary enrichment is achieved thematically by Learning and using words and expressions that are useful in everyday life. Listening and pronunciation exercises are based on the vocabulary presented in the course.

Communication écrite - niveau avancé/supérieur

This course helps the student to communicate in a coherent, structured and nuanced manner and to respect grammar and spelling rules, syntax, general and professional or specialised vocabulary, symbols, cohesion and punctuation. The course allows students to practice most types of correspondence for social and Professional purposes (complex summaries, briefs, reports, research and statements in areas of special or particular interest) and to use a range of syntactic structures and appropriate vocabulary according to the goal and the target audience. The student will display the ability to modify style (terminology, precision and concision), to adapt the tone to the context, to use a format and to provide complex explanations and detailed recounts with the proper use of all verb tenses. Writing at the advanced/superior level is characterised by coherence and the logical sequence of thoughts. Expression is precise and takes into account formal and semantic structures.

L'expression orale - niveau avancé/supérieur

This preparatory course for the Bilingualism Certificate allows students to improve their mastery of the structures of the French language at the dvanced/superior level, to express themselves in a nuanced and precise manner in communicational situations, to participate in conversations during communicational activities, to adapt their register, to perfect their spoken language and advanced linguistic structures and to use the linguistic structures correctly in a spontaneous fashion, without hesitation. The course also focuses on learning complex and sophisticated structures in various communicational situations, and the refinement of communicational strategies, activities and assignments at the advanced/superior level of communicational, linguistic and cultural objectives. The course allows students to communicate in French with precision and fluency while participating fully and efficiently in conversations on various topics. The course allows the students to discuss their particular interests and areas of expertise and to explain complex facts in detail, as well as to provide a point of view on a wide range of important topics, such as social and political matters. Recounted stories are coherent, fluid and precise and arguments are presented and supported in a structured manner. This course allows students to elaborate hypotheses and to master a wide range of interactive and discursive strategies by adapting speech, using syntactical and lexical tools and focusing on intonation and tone.

Written communication - advanced/superior level

Ce cours amène l’étudiante ou l’étudiant à communiquer de façon cohérente, structurée et nuancée tout en respectant les règles de grammaire et d’orthographe, la syntaxe, un vocabulaire général, professionnel ou spécialisé, les symboles, la cohésion et la ponctuation. Le but est de savoir rédiger la plupart des types de correspondance à des fins sociales et professionnelles (résumés complexes, précis, rapports, recherches et énoncés des domaines d’intérêts particuliers ou spéciaux) et d’utiliser une gamme de structures syntaxiques et le vocabulaire approprié en fonction de l’objectif et de l’auditoire ciblé. Chacun fait preuve de sa capacité de modifier la stylistique (terminologie, précision et concision), de donner le ton selon le contexte, d’utiliser un format et de fournir des explications complexes et des récits détaillés avec l’utilisation juste de tous les temps de verbe. La rédaction au niveau avancé/supérieur est caractérisée par la cohérence et une séquence logique des idées. L’expression est précise et aborde des structures formelles et sémantiques.

Course offered in French

Oral Communication - advanced/superior level

This bilingual certificate preparation course leads the student to improve the proficiency of the English language at the advanced/ superior level oral communication. Advanced/superior speakers communicate with accuracy and fluency in order to participate fully and effectively in conversations, discuss interests and special fields of competence, explain complex matters in detail and provide lengthy and coherent narrations. Advanced/superior speakers explain their opinions on various issues and provide structured argument to support their opinions, construct and develop hypotheses to explore alternative possibilities. The advanced/ superior oral communication level commands a variety of interactive and discourse strategies, such as turn-taking and separating main ideas from supporting information through the use of syntactic and lexical devices as well as international features such as pitch, stress and tone.

Histoire de l'Ontario français

In a discussion format based on bibliographical and iconographic research, this course presents an overview of 400 years of history, starting with the exploration of the “Pays d’en haut” (present-day Ontario) to the affirmation of a modern and multicultural society. This overview therefore spans the years 1610 to 2010, from Étienne Brûlé to Mariette Carrier-Fraser. The themes range from early colonization efforts to recent waves of immigration, including the role of religion, conflicts over education, rights movements and politicisation strategies. All participants in the course will enrich the experience by presenting a historical aspect of their choice.

Course offered in French

Français I

This course allows students to improve their aptitudes in oral and written communication. The focus is communication techniques related to the student’s area of study. The organisation of thoughts, the art of expression, reading and the quality of language are the basic elements of this course. Through oral and written Learning activities, students are encouraged to promote and affirm their Francophone identity as they perfect their oral and written communication skills.

Course offered in French

Français II

This course allows students to apply their knowledge and linguistic abilities in various situations to respond to new needs and solve problems. The organisation of thoughts, the art of expression, reading and the quality of language are the basic elements of this course.

Course offered in French

Certificat en bilinguisme

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